Trade Requirements

What does trade mean?
Short answer: Trade For (TF) is an equal trade. It is your time, posing, wardrobe, effort for my time, photography, and retouching.  I am happy to discuss the "right" thing for trade and how we can make sure it happens so that it's effective for you.  Please keep in mind I am not out to do free shoots. I shoot trade. You get something, I get something of equal value in return.
I try to keep my Pinterest board ( up to date. Nearly everything on there are examples of ideas that I'd love to work on!
My expectations
Read through this.  It lays out some base expectations and information. I use this as a guage on whether it's successful or not.  Are you responding on time? Can you follow basic instructions? Do you communicate effectively? 
Life takes precedence, but that doesn't mean you can't communicate with me on what's going on.  This page is here so that neither of us wastes our own or the other person's time.  I generally to TF for concepts that I'm interested in creating, but am always open for pitches as well.  If I provide clothing, models do get to keep the clothing typically. For every set we do for me, we can do one for you.  In both case, there will be a release form signed.
Professionalism! This means maintaining communication until we start shooting and even beyond. If anything changes since our last that will affect the shoot, I need to know ASAP.  Showing up to your shoot on time - this means don't pull up at noon when we're scheduled for noon. You should be ready to go at the scheduled time. 
Showing up shoot Ready. This means hair, makeup, and nails are done unless a MUAH is provided. You just need to be put into wardrobe and ready to pose. Well rested. No partying from the night before. Bring water and light snack.
Escorts are fine! But only bring one.  They will be put to work carrying stuff and playing look out, if need be. This person cannot interfere in any way with the shoot.  If you bring more than one, I'll ask them to go sit somewhere out of sight and hearing range.  They are nothing more than a distraction for your eyes and posing with no benefit to the shoot. 

Still interested? Fill in this form and read the rest of the page!
Thank you!
How I conduct my shoots
I'm all about having fun, productive shoots. No stress, no drama. Let's keep everything on a positive note. If you can't have fun, why are you doing this?  If you need help posing, I'll provide coaching for you.  I always discuss what we're going to accomplish, what we're going to work towards and how long it'll take for us to get there. 
You'll receive your images within 2 weeks of our shoot to review. You get to select a FEW of these for me to retouch in addition to any that I might have done already.  This allows you to be a part of the creative process. If you do not wish to select images, that's fine - I'll simply provide the final ones. 
I shoot quickly and work to get a variety of scenes, looks, and poses in a short amount of time. 
I retain copyright to all images.  You will be granted usage rights for personal and professional purposes, up to and including publication or social media.  You do not have the rights to modify or sell images. If you have someone interested in purchasing the images, please have them contact me to discuss compensation.  You will also be compensated.
I have a lot - feel free to contact any of them if you wish to ask about me.  I can provide ones that I've shoot multiple times as well as those that I met out of the blue. 
End Results
Currently, your images could end up in any of the following locations. As I add more social or websites, this list will increase so this is not a comprehensive listing. 
Facebook & Instagram
Model Mayhem
This website
Online Magazine
Cancellations & Reschedules
I will reschedule at my discretion. If I have notice, then we have a better chance of rescheduling. If I have wardrobe set aside for you shoot, I will probably not hold it for very long. When you cancel last minute or simply no show/no call, you not only waste my time, but you also cost someone else the opportunity to have worked with me. This is something I don't tolerate. You will no longer be eligible for TF with me.  If your shoot includes studio time and I don't have the ability to find a replacement for you, I expect that you will reimburse for that time before we reschedule again.
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