2016 Pricing Change
As of 2016, I've decided to change my pricing.  This is across MOST aspects of my photography whether it be landscape, architecture, model, sports or portrait photography. As I don't usually do weddings, this doesn't really impact my wedding business. :) If you want me to do your wedding, we should probably talk separately anyway.
My view on things is that we figure out what it is you TRULY need / want and then we figure out how to make that happen in the most effective way for you.  You may only need a single headshot image or you may need a full comp card and digital presence along with a video showcasing your talent.  Putting this into a package means that you're either paying too much (for services you don't really need) or you have to forgo something you want to shoehorn yourself into an existing package.
Before we shoot, we'll agree to a timeframe (X number of hours), a place and a target number of images (helps with # of outfits, poses, etc that we need to capture). 
Pricing per image
Pricing is now per image. The exact $ figure varies based on your usage needs. For example, a model social media image is on the low end at $40 while a national business wanting to own the copyright and use it for advertising purposes starts at $1,000. 
Realize that this means that if you are NOT happy with any of the images from the shoot, your price is exactly $0 unless there was a travel fee.  I do not charge sitting fees and, thus, you don't have any risk what so ever.  If I am not able to provide you with images that you liked, there are no additional or hidden fees.  I am, however, extremely confident that I can get "the shot" for you, which is why I provide this pricing model.
Come talk to me if you're interested in finding out more details.  I do not provide prints any longer, but have specific suggestions where you should print out images.  All prices are for the digital file in high resolution with specified usage rights. 
CONTACT ME to discuss. I guarantee you, we can figure something out. All sessions assume a location within 30 minutes of Georgetown, TX.  Anything outside of this range comes with a travel fee. A deposit may be required if you need to hold a date. This would be applied to the images OR refunded if there are no images you liked (which I doubt).
 Contact information: philippe at 

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